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The Changing Colours of the Murray River

I am loving Sarah Wills’ travel blog- inspired! 🙂

“You’re going to the Falklands?!”

“You’re going to the Falklands!? But isn’t that really dangerous?” This was my mothers reaction when I told her that I had landed a nine month internship working for Falkland Islands TV when I finished my degree. My reply went something like- “no mum, that was in the 80’s, it’s perfectly safe now and in fact there are more military personal on the island than sheep, and there are a lot of sheep!”

The Falkland Islands - the beware of mines sign acts as a timely reminder of the military history the island holds- now to discover some of its secrets

The Falkland Islands – the beware of mines sign acts as a timely reminder of the military history the island holds- now to discover some of its secrets Photo by Caroline Scott

And that was it. Discussion over. It was decided, I would be jetting off to the other side of the world for the best part of a year to work with the local TV station on the island to report the local news and produce TV packages to send back home. The best part is there are three of us going from our University course and we all get experience presenting, producing, editing and directing! I don’t think you’d ever get to do that straight away anywhere else so that’s really exciting to start with.

My friend Caroline has already been out there for two weeks and seems to be loving it. She’s been on screen presenting the news already and looks perfect for the part. She said she’s already had all four seasons in one day so advised me to pack for all weathers. With a only a month to go now before I head out with my partner in crime Joshua Saunders, I have already started to tick things off my packing list. Packing for nine months is no mean feat! So I thought it best to be well prepared and start early.

Quite honestly, I really don’t know what to expect out there. I know that I will be living and working on a tiny island in the Atlantic which is closer to the Antarctic than other inhabited countries! In other words I’ll be making friends with lots of penguins rather than people. Now I’m sure I’m just being dramatic and I have been informed there are a few social watering holes to hang out at and that work takes up most of our time anyway. And I guess that is kind of the point behind the TV station- for people to get to know the Falkland Islands better from behind the lense. I am really excited to be part of a small island community as well and think I will fit right as a “small town” (ok tiny village) girl!

I am keen to dig a little deeper into the history of the Falklands as well and plan to visit all the memorial sites based there. I am fascinated with its military history as small signs and landmarks remind us of the lives lost there during the war. And there is still tension there. Argentina’s president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner still vows she wants the Malvinas back despite the referendum earlier in the year that showed the majority of the islanders wanted to stay British. This foreign affair dispute is something I’d like to understand better for sure. Who knows this could be the beginning of my career as a war correspondent or foreign affairs journalist. Watch this space…