How to party like a Colombian

It was my last night in Bogota, Colombia and it certainly didn’t dissapoint! I was promised a good time and what I got was a lesson in Champeta, Reggaton and Salsa dance and the most amazing night with some incredible friends, old, best and new.

Matildelina- the coolest club in Bogota

Maltidelina was the club, our friend Luis Carlos kindly got us free entry to and it is rumoured to be one of the busiest and best clubs in Bogota. It was certainly very busy when we arrived and later I realised why.

They had a live 10 piece band on playing who were incredibly energetic and got everyone up dancing and singing. You couldn’t escape it and I soon found Colombian music infectious. It got underneath your skin and I found myself helplessly moving to the beats of Champeta (a local music) and Reggaton (a kind of Spanish rap that is rather erotic and apparantly has very suggested lyrics), both of which were encouraging some rather sexual dancing from the locals.

My friend Juan then proceeded to try and teach me Salsa. My Brazilian friend Weverson, had tried to teach me this previously so I had sort of the idea of the movement but Juan said I needed to relax more and move from the hips and the lower back. Goodness me, this was certainly a very seductive dance.

Interestingly, I thought back to the many teenagers I had interviewed and recalled what a couple of them had mentioned about some kinds of Colombian music influencing their sexual health choices. The music I was now listening to seemed to echo their words. I could see how some of these couples would go home tonight and feel the heat of the music between the sheets!

Next on was a Shakira-like lady who got the whole crowd singing to her Colombian ballad and a sense of patriotism came over me. Despite not being native, my friends here had made me feel so welcome, I felt I could join in. While not knowing the Spanish words, I started to sing to the tune and became wrapped up in a little bubble of lovely hispanic energy.

So it is safe to say I will really miss the incredible friends I have made here and this amazing culture. There is certainly something about the hispanic way of living that I can’t shake. It is like a love affair I cannot help and it will be long before I can get over it. And as my Colombian friends would say, ‘if you can’t get over it, get under it’ 😉

Tatiana and I having lots of fun on her birthday celebration night and my last evening in Colombia


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