Electric feel

Ironically Electric Feel by MGMT came on my ipod tonight on another rather ominous flight in Colombia! I am on a solo adventure to Cartagena, the beautiful colonial  city that is a must visit according to my Colombian Lonely Planet.

But the journey to get here was a little scary to say the least. It is only an hours flight away and incredibly the weather is completely different. I had been quite baffled till now, with my first impression of Colombian weather being quite cold as I have been staying in Bogota for two weeks. My resident friends told me this was because Bogota is very high and mountainous hence the weather goes with it as being a little cold and rainy. But Cartagena´s hot stuffy air makes sense as I locate Colombia on the map, lying directly along the equator.

The bridge to the old town of Cartagena de Indias

And along with hot stuffy air goes high pressure atmospheres which equal electric storms and lots of lightening which makes sense when I find out that this is hurricane season in Colombia. I should have noted this when I saw images of strong winds in Cartagena crashing down roofs and bending over palm trees on the news the week before. My friends told me not to worry.

So my first solo experience in this beautiful country found me envisaging the front page of the newspapers the next day – “Plane crash after freak electrical storm”.

It was either me or flying through electrical storms was quite normal in Colombia and happens all the time. Now I am no aviation expert but maybe it is normal for planes to continue their journeys onward through tretchorous weather.

So as I listened to Electric feel over and over, in hindsight probably tempting fate, I decided to reassure myself that these pilots fly through storms all the time and are used to the weather here in SA. I hope that was the case anyway!

Finally, I touched down to the welcome of Carribean climate and had to pin my hair back straight away due to the humidity.

I managed to negotiate my way to my hostel with my big back pack and suddenly felt like a proper traveller! I had decided on my hostel via Hostelworld.com which I had conveniently signed up to before I left the UK.

I managed to find a lovely little hostel called El Viajero based in the 0ld town of Cartegena de Indias, immaculately preserved within 13km of centuries old stonewalls, which make this special city incredibly fairy tale like.

This romantic city stole my heart from the beginning. At night couples sit under the spot light of the city walls and look out to sea and the colonial feel with horse and cart riding around really does transport you to a completely unique time and place.


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