Hola Andres!

I have just been to arguably one of worlds best restaurants. And I am not exaggerating. Andres Carne de Res was fine down to every last detail and yet it was not the posh ¨best restaurant in Bogota” I was expecting. It was better.

I was told all week that my friend Tatiana and her family wanted to take me to experience Andres and experience it I certainly did as this is not your normal restaurant experience. In fact we arrived at 2pm (Colombian time) for lunch and didn´t leave till gone 7pm!

Tatiana with our amazingly refreshing and potent Mojito

The place was incredibly authentic from the beginning with fresh strawberries on entry and after an hour of being there I felt like I was in my own conservatory if not a lot bigger and a lot quirkier. With open plan kitchens dotted in between the maze of different dining areas inside/outside, there was an aroma of hearty food being grilled on open fires and fresh ingredients you could see being prepared all around. The food was simple, tasty and traditional and served in rustic non-matching crockery, which I loved.

The atmosphere was simply ecstatic! After ordering our first few dishes, chicharon (which was basically like fresh pork scratchings- incredible) Colombian chorizo and arepas a grand band attended our table and accosted me to join them in a photo as an honorary guest of the house, after singing and playing to “the English girl”. I was flattered if not a little embarassed as one of the hispanic trio grabbed my leg for a rather sexuale photo!

This seems to be the Latin American way!

There were also actors and actresses strolling around, posing as affluent guests and the basics of my Spanish understanding was that there was some kind of Alice in wonderland story going on for the kids, suffice to say it was all a little crazy and- quirky doesn´t really do it justice but it was amazingly endearing and I really did feel like I´d stepped into a fairy tale.

The service was impecible as I noticed an awesome amount of staff that were working there. Apparantly between the restaurant in Chia (just outside Bogota) and the one in the city centre there are approximately 1,500 staff members and as we popped outside for some fresh air mid dining, we witnessed another restaurant next door that served as the servers dining area.Image

I asked if this restaurant was located anywhere else in the world but apparently the owner Andres wanted to keep it unique to Colombia and despite generous offers from multi-million investors he was stubborn in maintaining these two restaurants as the only ones in the world like it and this is why, although feeling like I have just been on an epic journey to some alternate world rather than a restaurant, I am quite confident in stating that this was quite possibly the best dining experience I have ever had.

The decor inside the place was just unfathomable, with trinkets and odd bits and bobs all over the shop this could never be replicated in the same way anywhere else in my opinion. With the popular interior design of bringing the outside in, there were trees growing by our tables that had clearly been there years and years before our table and at night they lit up with fairy lights to create a whole new atmosphere to the day! Suddenly the relaxing cafe music died out and new energetic Latin American music started to drum underneath.

By this point, after various traditional regional dishes such as patacon con queso (like a tortilla with cheese but made from green plantain fried) and hogao (chopped tomato, onions and spices) morcilla (like English black pudding but much better), chunchullo (not quite sure what this was, a little weird), chicharon (the previously mentioned fresh pork scratchings), arepa de choclo (like a sweet pancake with cheese in the middle) and of course the mazorca (which is like corn on the cob barbecued but again better and something I´ve been wanting to try here for a while as they sell it on the side of the road and streets but I haven´t quite been brave enough)!

There was even a gift shop inside, so that mesmerised guests like myself could take a little piece of Andres away with them. I bought my sister a little crafted milk jug with all the Colombian colours painted on and Tatiana completely surprised me with a beautiful frame inside which was the lovely photo we´d had taken after dinner by the resident photographer. I think it is safe to say I will never forget my day at my now favourite restaurant ever, which I noted in the little comment slip our waiter Hussain kindly left us to comment on our time at Andres!

If Andres was my boyfriend he would be perfect: exciting, energetic, a little bit crazy and tastes great!

This is what I think of Andres


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