Adventure to the island

Carlos and his ship before we embark on our voyage round our mystery island!

Rowing round a deserted Island in a dinghy with the one you love should sound like a sort of romantic prospect depending on what floats your boat 😉 but this was an unusually scary and yet liberating journey.

Carlos and I attempted to pump up our boat on dry land before I excitedly set sail with our 3 ft by 5ft rubber dinghy. “We have to row round the island,” I optimistically hollar.

So we set off ambitiously to explore this tiny little island just off the coast of Galicia, north west Spain. And after I accidently tread on a flat fish there is no more swimming for me, I am in the boat and bringing up the rear, whilst Carlos heads up the front (if there is a front to our poor excuse of a marine vessel).

Team work gets us there pretty quickly and we spend the next half an hour arguing about where to dock our ship safely. We decide that we need to explore all avenues of the island to make our decision and head out to open sea right round what feels like our own private rock now.

The Island

“We´re drifting,” I say, “Quick turn turn, we´re getting closer to the rock and we´re going to burst our nice little bubble” I shout at Carlos as he carelessly sings Bob Dylan tunes to the wind.

Finally we find a safe-ish place to jump ashore and suddenly the afternoon sun starts to beat down on us and I complain of roasting like a lobster. We realise that where we docked our boat now means it is too steep and dangerous to climb up this rock without ropes so resign and clumsily clamber back into our dinghy and head back to dry land.

I later realise that whilst we felt very much at one with nature exploring our deserted island, counting fish and rock climbing, we were completely on our own and had we fallen and hit our heads we would have been fried lobsters deserted on our little island.

And there lies the beauty of adventurous minds.


About hannahsmithson

Hi I'm Hannah. I've just graduated from Bournemouth University with a first class honors in Multimedia Journalism and am about to adventure off to the other side of the world to work in the Falkland Islands for FITV. I am excited about my future prospects in Journalism and here is my blog where I document most of my experiences. Please get in touch if you want to chat...

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