30 days of Spanish

As I embark on my 30 days of Spanish language learning, I am trying to learn at least one new word or phrase every day. With my new Spanish app on my shiny new iPhone and my trusty spanish dictionary and Collins Learn Spanish audio CD loaded up to my iTunes, I feel well on my way.

To my surprise, I was listening to my Spanish audio CD rather appropriately. I began my journey as any good nomad- sitting on a flight to a foreign country, debating on how to ask the foreign flight attendant for a glass of water in another language. Or was I the foreigner? I couldn´t work out why on a BA flight to Spain they greeted me in Spanish. But this did not put me off, only but motivate me to start taking responsibility for my English self and start learning another language!

If you´re accustomed to flying abroad then mostly, you pick up the basics but since I´ve started to really try and learn the grammar and vocabulary, I find my self becoming a bit of a perfectionist in getting it exactly right for fear of humiliation if nothing else. I know I will no doubt soon have to shrug off my proud cloak and donne my newly adourned cloak of humility but I am not quite ready yet.

So I continue to listen to my well articulated Collins tutor. Lets call her Maria for good measure. Maria proceeds to teach me how to ask for a glass of water, a cup of tea with milk and more importantly a glass of red wine, Rioja to be specific in my first lesson.


Queria un agua mineral- I´d like a mineral water

Queria un te con leche- I´d like a tea with milk

Queria un vino tinto, un rioja, por favor.

(I repeat in my head to avoid strange looks from the old man sat next to me who maybe English or Spanish, I can´t tell)

Finally, she asks me to say please, I´ve heard us Brits are often overly polite in comparison to the rest of Europe. I didn´t know you could be too polite, but then I am truely British so that may be why!

My accent isn´t quite perfecto just yet but the basics get me through the flight and to my destination- Espana here we come!

Day 1 – new words and phrases- Donde esta mi coche? (see this blog post to understand more behind this unuseful phrase!)

Day 2- new words and phrases- Cuanto tiempo- It´s been a while

Me lo he pasado muy bien en Madrid con mi amiga Blanca- I spent a great time in Madrid with my friend Blanca!

Day 3 – Mejores = better, Sandia = Watermelon, Tengo resaca = I feel hungover

Day 4 – Podemos ver una pelicular? Entonces = so, bueno vista = good view, mira = look, Cuanto cuesta? How much

Day 5- Quiero? I want, Quieres? Do you want, Puedo ayudarme? Can I help you? Puedes ayudarme? Can you help me?

Day 6- Podria repetir por favor = Can you repeat that please, Tengo frio = (Direct translation is I have cold) I am cold

Day 7- Tienes = Do you have? Yo estudio = I study, Yo estudiando Español = I am studying Spanish

Day 8- Yo apredo = I learn, Yo estoy aprendiendo = I am studying

Day 9 – asi = like this, aqui = here, ahora = now, alli = there, este/esta/esto = this

Day 10 – como se escribe? how do you spell that? estoy confudida = I am confused (very useful phrase I find!)

Day 11 (en Colombia)- Queria ir a ciudad? Can I go to the city? Gracias por limpiar la mesa- thank you for tidying the table

Day 12- Me alegro que te gusta = I am glad you like it, Me encanta = I love it!

Day 13- Te amo = I love you (but according to the conversation I had over dinner with my friend Juan last night over dinner, this is more used in South America when you are deeply in love with someone, otherwise in Spain you would say Te Quiero which also means I love you passionately but less intense apparently which makes sense as the South Americans are very passionate by my experience! He also mentioned that the English throw around the phrase “I love you” with no meaning whereas you would only say I love you in Colombia if you really meant it. How romantic!)

Day 14- Listo is the equivalent of vale in South American Spanish and apparently sort of means ok

Day 15- Mucho gusto = nice to meet you (the casual way)

Day 16- Siesta = a lovely nap time during the day

Day 17 – Maracuya = passionfruit or as my friend interesting enacted passion and replaced maracuya for the word sex, providing some amusing conversations

Day 18 = ¡buen provecho = bon appetit

Day 19 = aeropuerto = airport

Day 20 = las palabras= the words

Day 21 = helado de ensalada = icecream salad

Day 22 = feliz cumpleaños = happy birthday

Day 23 = Me gusta la comida = I like the food

Day 24 = Quiero aprender más español = I want to learn more Spanish

Day 25 = Soy un estudiante haciendo un documental sobre el embarazo adolescente = I am a student making a documentary about teenage pregnancy

Day 26 = El español de América es más fácil de aprender que los españoles españoles = Latin american spanish is easier to learn than spanish spanish

Day 27 = Voy a echar de menos = I am going to miss you

Day 28 = Yo no me quiero ir. Amo a Colombia = I don’t want to leave. I love Colombia.

Day 29 =  Me encanta tu collar = I love your necklace

Day 30 = Gracias mi amiga especial por todo


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