Could we afford the Olympics?


The spectacular closing ceremony from the Olympic park in Stratford marked the end of the 30th Olympiad in the city of London and at the same time handed over the torch to Brazil, for the 2016 games in Rio. A sense of legacy proceeded the close as well as hope for the future.

Many have debated the significance of the games over the past few weeks and many who doubted have now realised the inspiration that Olympic sport can provide to the next generation.

The slogan for the 2012 games ‘Inspire a Generation’ was certainly fitting and seemed to do just that.

Hannah Smithson spoke to you about whether the cost of the Olympics in a time of trial has all been worth it?

Listen here to Olympic opinion

Free Olympic celebrations

Controversy over the row about free seats seemed to spiral at the beginning of the 16 day festivities but as the Olympic energy mounted it was clear that any free seats were being filled. Rumours went round that students and teachers were being offered free or discounted tickets along with the armed forces.

I went to the Olympic park to see for myself and it was certainly packed. Unfortunately we were advised that we needed to have booked tickets online in advance and could’t just turn up unannounced however, we ended up stumbling on some free fun at Hyde Park for the afternoon. How about this – surprise visits from Olympic medalists and the most decorated Olympian from this years 2012 London Olympics. Introducing Sir Chris Hoy…

Sir Chris Hoy with his Olympic Gold medals!






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