Chance for Bournemouth unemployed at Daily Echo jobsfair

WITH UK unemployment figures rising to over 2.5 million, a welcome jobsfair is being held regularly in Bournemouth town centre as part of a sponsored set of fairs to get people back into employment.

An elderly women looks for news opportunites at the Daily Echo jobsfair

The latest Jobsfair has been organised by the Bournemouth Daily Echo and is sponsored by Health-on-Line insurance company, following three successful events in 2011.

It is being held at the Premier Inn on Westover road from 10:30am till 6:30pm and will host dozens of employers who will be looking for talented potentials to recruit into their businesses.

Angela Boyer, in charge of recruitment at the Daily Echo helped organise the fair and said there were 35 employers and training companies at the fair and they had over 900 people through the doors by 3pm. Included throughout the day were training workshops for help writing CVs and interview skills.

She said: “There are all sorts of people here; care homes, the airforce, Yellow Buses, foster carers from the Borough of Poole and private companies, professional recruitment agencies- a real mixture.”

She added: “Hopefully there are jobs for everyone who’s interested in working. It’s a real advantage for employers and job seekers to take the opportunity to see each other face to face.”

Marley Dawkins works in recruitment for Ideal Homes Group Ltd, a solar panel instillation company, and was at the fair most of the morning. He said: “It’s been a great atmosphere today and we’ve had people from all walks of life- people who’ve got really good jobs already with 20 years experience in marketing to those who are unemployed and quite desperate for work.”

Sophie is from Health-on-Line who sponsors the event and works in HR and recruitment for the company. She said: “It’s been going very well. This morning there has been a queue outside the door and it has quietened down this afternoon. We’ve been getting very well known in the area and are recruiting in our sales department.” She said as an employer she would be looking for someone with a bit of experience and personality and someone whose got a bit of depth about them.

HR consultant from Health-on-line sponsors for the event explains the job vacancies at the company

jobsfair 1

Steve Jackson, from Bournemouth is currently a self-employed builder looking for a new employment. He said: “I think the jobs fair is a good idea and a bit of a boost. You see things on the news and it’s a bit depressing but you come to this and it tends to put things into a little bit more perspective. It gives people a bit more confidence. The building trade is a bit inconsistent so I’m looking for new avenues- either to use the skills I have, or learn new skills.”

jobsfair 3

Andrew Hawkins, 29, from Bournemouth came to the fair before and was a little dissapointed. He said: “Everyone wants call centres workers but I’ve had a very bad experience with them and the airforce is a great job if you’re the right kind of person but I’m not.  I’m unemployed at the moment and given the last bout of unemployment I’m not looking particularly hopeful. I think the fair is a good thing but there are not a lot of jobs out there – extremely good jobs are quickly filled and when you’re left with the dregs of it, there is a reason why there is a high demand for those jobs.”

jobsfair 4

Andrew Hawkins explains he’s a pessimist when it comes to employment opportunities

Barbora Bartkova, 28 came to the jobs fair in hunt of a new job and said she liked to see the employers she may be working with in the future.

jobsfair 2

This is the first jobsfair of the year which has been run by the Daily Echo for six years now. Hopefully it will continue to help the people of Bournemouth get into that job they need and want.


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