In Pictures: Bournemouth Gardens Flooded

Once again on the first day of Bournemouth’s infamous air Festival, the Met office forecast heavy rain.

Instead of seeing planes fly high in the sky, Bournemouth Pier was a picture of brollies and Pac-a-macs.

Bournemouth lower gardens were this morning a scene of emptiness.  Instead of the thriving, buzzing, vibrant centre of Bournemouth, the Uk’s number one tourist hotspot.

Flooded Bournemouth Gardens


Every year hundreds of people flock to the seaside on the 19th August for the four day air show spectacular and like last year some were sadly dissapointed by the cancelled flights.

Authorities were faced with unexpected floods and dissapointed day trippers.

An empty garden


Local Buisness’s were out of profit as they opened their doors to a handfull of wet and weary  punters in search of  a walm coffee and a place to escape the  endless showers.

In one incident  outside Hot Rocks Surf Resturant, Pier Aprroach,  a five meter square patch of the bricks from the concrete flooring came away from the ground.

One of Bournemouth Pride’s Lions stands strong among the floods


A scene that resembled the aftermath of an earthquake  was attended to by Council workers who baracaded the area, whilst local citizens helped stop wandering tourists walking into the lakes of flowing water burst from the banks of the Bournemouth Gardens gentle stream.

Posters advertising the Air Show brochures


Commuters struggled to get to work on time and locals were re-directed on every route towards the air festival amongst a scurry of hopefuls, who bravely ventured out to see at least some activity. They were met with more rain.

One young boy, Niall Cole, 15, all the way from Salsbury, rides the bus home from work and got stuck in Bournemouth for two hours before being picked up by his dad. He said: “I’ve been sat in the rain at the bus stop waiting over an hour for my bus! I don’t think it’s coming, I’m not happy.”

Day trippers scramble to get to cover through the rain


Local surfer, Weverson Possotti, 20,  told of his experience this morning: “the one day that Bournemouth gets waves and I couldn’t go surfing”. He explained he got up early to go surfing, only to be told by the lifeguard that it wasn’t safe to swim in the sea with needles that had been found on the beach, after water from the gardens had flooded from the stream into the sea.

It has been alleged that Asda, near Landsdowne in Bournemouth also suffered some damage during the heavy rains. Onlookers commented that the roof had caved in in parts. An Asda representative could not comment. Other local businesses had to close their doors for days after the damage of heavy rain, including Tshirt print on Old Christchurch Road, who had to close after all their t-shirts were ruined when the roof came in and flooded the shop.

Bare foot day trippers walking away from the air festival


It remains to be seen if planes will fly this evening and for the rest of the weekend, but with the majority of the air force inside having lunch at the bar, the chances of the air show happening today are very slim. It seems on this occasion traditional British weather has let us down once again. I wonder  what tomorrow will look like?

Tractors were driven in to deal with the flooding
How many air show programmes will we sell today?
Workers struggle to re-fill a hole in the ground caused by water erosion

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